Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Mmmm Bio resin

For the past four weeks I have been doing a group project focusing on the re use and re cycling of textiles for the homeless. From our research, their main need was permanent storage, which doesn't exactly lend itself to textiles tremendously, however I perused the idea and came up with a storage proposal. I did a couple of bio resin samples, to gain an idea of what a bio resin composite would look like. The textiles are cotton, polyester and acrylic as they are most commonly found.

My idea is a storage box based on the structure of cardboard, relating to the homeless, along with the use of textiles found by them as they are highly resourceful, the design also includes the use of the homeless language. I intend this storage to be in places that really relate to the homeless, such as underneath Waterloo Bridge or Lincolns Fields in Holborn, it would also encourage community and appear to the public almost like an installation. The rest of the products in the range produced by the other members in the textile group include a sleeping shelter and a pair of rusacks, I feel all the products work nicely and offer a varied response to the problem of homelessness through an appropriate material. The work done in this project has generated alot of interest, along with the possibility of manufacture which is all very exciting!!